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10 ways of Setting Up an Advertising Agency

There are several ways of going to set up your own advertising agency.

1.  Learn advertising. Take copywriting and graphic artist courses at a local college. Your instructors will give you projects, then provide you with feedback. Save the finished product for your portfolio. Volunteer your new advertising and graphic art skills at a local church and non profit organization. Save copies of your work as part of your portfolio

2. Prepare a resume listing your schools and experiences. Make a hardcopy of your portfolio. List copies of your advertising and graphic art work. Submit a resume, cover letter and a few samples to an advertising agency.

3. Gain experience working at the advertising agency. Do work involving both copywriting and graphic art. Work in the accounting department. Future prospects could turn you down if you don’t have experience

4. Determine if you’re going to be a freelance advertising agency or one that works from an office building. Obtain a business license in either case. If you’re going to work out of an office, get building, fire and safety inspections. Your location is very important. Pick a location that offers exposure to potential business customers

5. Come up with a business and marketing plan. Use your copywriting and graphic artist skills to market your service.

6. Find investors. Use your business plan to pitch your company to investors. If your idea is unique enough, you may be able to sell it to venture capitalists. Otherwise, consider approaching a bank or credit union, or, if these forms of financing are unavailable to you, friends and family

7. Get permits and licenses. When starting a new small business, there are a number of permits and licenses, including a Employer Identification Number, that a person must acquire before he can start up. Consult the Small Business Administration for assistance.

8. Develop a physical and digital presence. Perhaps the most important advertising an agency creates is their own, as it acts as a calling card. In addition to offices in which to meet clients, any agency hoping to compete in the 21st century must have a sophisticated web presence, one with a well-designed website and a number of social networking pages. Use these pages to show your client what you can do for them.

9. Create samples. Companies seeking advertising help will want to know the kind of work that an agency can produce for them. If you have previous experience in advertising, collect samples of your work in a portfolio or clip reel. Otherwise, create new work that you can use as a demonstration of your talents.

10. Find clients. Advertising agencies must be proactive in finding customers, as only those agencies with a proven track record can sit back and wait for clients to come to them. Identity companies ripe for new ad campaigns or marketing approaches. Schedule meetings with them and pitch ideas.

Best Traffic-driving Resources that really works!

This is a list of some of the best Traffic-driving Resources that really works! I would recommend it!

  • Article Marketing
    Write 3 articles that are related to the topic of your website. Include a brief bio and link to your website at the end of the article. Submit each of these articles to article directories, and also to webmasters and ezine owners that rank well for your keywords.
  • Forum Marketing
    Do a search on Google for keyword+forum. If you have a pet related site, for example, search “pet forum” (without quotes). Find the top 3 forums in your niche and join each of them. DO NOT SPAM, but do set up a profile (and signature, if allowed) and post an introduction. Get involved in each of these 3 forums by posting at least one thread or response each day. This will help you gain exposure in your target market, and people will naturally be interested in your related website.
  • Yahoo! Answers
    Go to and find questions related to your niche or website. If you can provide a legitimate answer to their question, you can include your link as the resource or reference URL. Again, without spamming, if you can contribute to the community you will interest them in your related website.
  • Viral Marketing
    Write a Report that would be of great interest to your target market, and sell it cheap. Include your bio and information about your site within the report (briefly in the Introduction, and fully in the About The Author section at the end). Offer 100% commission to Affiliates, and you will have all of your competitors sending traffic to your website for you. To make this super-easy, you can get the instructions and the script to do this (here) for only $7 – it’s well worth it ;)
  • Social Networking
    Set up profiles at popular social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, etc. Network with people in your niche and get established on these sites with a customized profile. It is very easy to grow your network, and people who are interested in what you offer can find you easily. If you can use “photo marketing” to your advantage (cute pet pictures for a pet site, for example), include in your networking list as well.
  • Blogging
    Blogging can be considered another form of Social Networking, and enough so to be considered a stand-alone marketing technique. You want to set up a blog that is directly related to your website’s topic, and post content to it frequently (3-5x/week minimum). If you have a pet store website, for example, you can create a blog on Pet Tips (dog grooming, dog training, etc). For detailed tips seeSocial Networking in the Blogosphere.
  • Press Releases
    You can write and submit a press release free of charge. While some websites charge to publish your press release (and this may be worth the investment!), many also offer a free submission option. You want your press release to be newsworthy, so you choose your angle carefully. Do a search on Google for press release tips.
  • Search Engine Marketing
    Learn all that you can about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and take the necessary steps to optimize each of your web pages. It is not complicated or impossible, but there is a lot of mis-information out there about search engines. I can help you with this personally if you like (free) at my discussion forum – look for the SEO section.
  • Get Links!
    Submit your new site to appropriate directories, and get it listed on niche resource pages. Link farms and exchanges on “link pages” are a waste of your time, but do seek out quality linking opportunities. You want a variety of links pointing to your site, not only to your main page but also to internal pages of your site as well.
  • Funnel Traffic From Other Sites
    This strategy may require a little creativity, but you want to consider ways that you can funnel traffic from popular websites such as: craigslist, ebay, youtube, wikipedia, etc. These are very popular websites that are established and bursting at the seems with live visitors. Think of ways that you can add something of value, and (without spamming!) lure these visitors to yourwebsite.

Use these 10 strategies as your initial Action Plan. Once you complete all 10 steps, go back to the first and begin again. Consistently marketing your site in a variety of ways is the key to gaining exposure and getting a consistent flow of traffic into your website!