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The New Ikea advert 2013


Oz: The Great and Powerful

Oz, always associated with the singing, the magical and fairytale-like film is bringing a unique twist to their new film called Oz: The Great and Powerful.

From the preview you will notice as this storyline is different from all the previous ones in the past. It still has its magical sensation and happy ending trailer also what more can you ask for, as it comes with stunning 3d viewing. Amazingly colourful.

The approach at the beginning was to imitate the history of the Oz. Maybe not exactly but To a point. And to cap it up the outro design was stunning as it used opening and closing of curtains, zooming out the reveal the casts and credit. It’s a brilliant approach.
Colours used were absolutely amazing. Very very colourful beyond any doubts.





Happy New Year everyone. This year is packed with lots of interest topics and tutorial. We have been very busy behind the scene and have been doing some underground projects, hence why we have been laid back on our online presence.

We are definitely back now and getting better and better now. We have a couple of new and exciting videos and tutorial lined up for you all this year. Make sure you stay tuned and keep checking our post for new info.

Happy New Year once again!